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What we do

We are in the business of saving you money.

We work with clients to identify areas of their business where they are spending too much for the services they need to run their business.  We regularly save our clients thousands of dollars per year by leveraging the collective scale of our client base to secure better rates on a variety of services, including credit card processing, waste management, and gas & energy rates (in select states).  Let us help you lower the cost of doing business.

Why Juntos?

For small business owners, by small business owners.

We come from a family of small business owners so we understand the unique needs associated with running your own business.  We want to work with you to identify ways for you to save money on services that you are already using.  We’ve built a network of small businesses that allows us to secure better rates for each individual business.  We want you and your business to be the next to benefit from our collective scale and our decades of contract negotiation experience.  If you are tired of working with service providers you can’t trust and you are ready to lower your operating costs, it’s time to contact Juntos.

About Us

Our partnerships are built on trust.

Juntos was started when I realized that many of my cousins with small businesses were paying way too much for credit card processing services.  We set out to find a solution and realized that credit card processing was just the tip of the iceberg.  Our family was paying too much for almost every one of their services, mostly because of their relatively small scale and aggressive sales people.  We are dedicated to working with small businesses to lower their cost of doing business, all built on a foundation of integrity and trust.

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